Glow In The Dark Threads

By Katya Ryabtseva on

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Glow in the dark threads for embroidery and sewing give a lot of new ideas! Fluorescent thread can especially be used for safety purposes. The long lasting luminosity makes embroidered logos, lettering, and motifs shine in the dark. Those wearing such clothes are even visible if there is no source of light immediately directed towards them. That is an advantage compared to reflecting materials which only reflect with incident light.

Glow In The Dark Threads

There are many manufactures produce glow-in-the-dark threads.
Here is some of them:



5 Comments on "Glow In The Dark Threads"

  1. paul lee
    2011/06/13   19:45
    How long does the glow effect last on the glow thread?
  2. sewreview team
    2011/06/17   12:45
    approximately 3 hours
  3. greg
    2013/07/09   04:08
    Was wondering what the life span of the glow is ? Would it eventually wear off over the years ?
  4. lisa
    2013/09/03   18:41
    hi there, really interested in sourcing cones of fluorescent threads like the ones you have in the picture above. im a knit student so tend to get through a lot of these things! finding all the links supplied tend to be for machine embroidery on small spools and very fine. the picture version seems perfect. if you have any suggestions as to where to purchase from id be really grateful! thanks
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